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At Mission AVEDA, we are passionate about connecting with our community. Mission AVEDA donates products and services to non-for-profits, and volunteers whenever possible for fund raising events. By working hand in hand with businesses in our community, Mission AVEDA is able to build relationships through partnership. We are extremely grateful for the support our community has shown to Mission AVEDA. Please let us know what your organization is doing to make our community a better place. Here’s what we can do to help your charitable endeavor. Check out a few of the non for profit organizations and businesses we connect with on a regular basis.











Donation Gift cards and Gift Baskets:

We have successfully partnered with many community organizations by assisting with auction items for fundraising. (Donation gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and gift baskets cannot be exchanged for other products.)

Onsite for Your Event:

We believe in assisting our community partners. This can include Mission AVEDA Salon & Spa being onsite at your fundraising event. (Onsite volunteering is based on Availability.)

Donation Guidelines:

Although we donate to a wide-range of non-profit organizations, we mainly focus on groups supporting environmental sustainability, social responsibility, education, and arts programs that benefit the local communities serviced by Mission AVEDA Salon & Spa. We give preferential consideration to requests made by our regular customers and employees.

It is our pleasure to offer you an online tool to assist your charitable organization in submitting a contribution request for your fundraising efforts. 

Donation form

Mission AVEDA Salon & Spa is proud to serve our community and we strive to help as many organizations as possible.  Because donation demands outweigh our resources, we regret that not all requests can be honored.  Thank you for helping make our world a better place.